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Emi Buchinska, Психолог

Emi Buchinska is a licensed psychologist from an elite London university. During her studies, she worked as a volunteer at an international organization supporting children with mental and physical disabilities. Due to her work with different children for a year, she learned to handle epileptic seizures, emotional instability, and the so-called “difficult behavior” in children. Most of her work is related to providing support for children and young people who have issues with learning the school material and also with their behavior. Emi works hard on building personal skills in children and helps them set clear, measurable, and achievable goals. Between semesters, Emi works at the Sofia prison, building psychological profiles and writing statements for people behind bars, based on archives, interviews, and personal observation. In addition to LeadersPlay, Emi also works for an international recruitment agency.

Psychology 92%

English 98%

Human Resources 76%

Other skills

аnalytical thinking 87%
perspective thinking 79%
communicativeness 95%

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