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General info:

LeadersPlay team consists of people at different ages who have proven their capabilities and experience in working with children.

What connects our teachers is their love for children and the true belief that if one works with his heart, every child will be touched and motivated to learn and unleash their full potential.

To our teachers, teaching is a calling!

About the team:

Gergana Gruncharova

Founder and CEO

Gergana Gruncharova is the founder and CEO of LeadersPlay.

Zornitsa Nikolova

Co-founder & COO

Zornitsa Nikolova is a mother of two children, co-founder and operating manager at LeadersPlay.

Yuriy Popov

Co-founder & CTO

Yuriy Popov is a co-founder, technical lead, and chief expert in game development at LeadersPlay.

Yana Avramova

Business Consultant & Trainer

Yana Avramova has been with LeadersPlay since the beginning of the company. She is the main teacher in the module on entrepreneurship and a mentor in the courses for building personal skills and financial literacy.

Angel Marchev

Business Consultant

Most of Dr. Angel Marchev’s formal education is related to various financial topics. The only thing we could not say for him though is that he is a rigid financial expert. He is a proof that life-long learning can lead you to different professional areas and show you various view points.

Jeny Belova


Jeny Belova holds a Master degree in Pedagogics and Education Management, Marketing, and Management. She has a number of post-degree qualification – one of them in Informatics and Information Technologies.

Iren Kirilova


Iren Kirilova is a Bachelor in Business Administration from UNWE. Most of her education at the university was based on game models and simulations.

Emi Buchinska


Emi Buchinska is a licensed psychologist from an elite London university. During her studies, she worked as a volunteer at an international organization supporting children with mental and physical disabilities. Due to her work with different children for a year, she learned to handle epileptic seizures, emotional instability, and the so-called “difficult behavior” in children.

Nikolay Naidenov

Software engineer

Nikolay Naidenov is a software engineer in a leading international company and, in parallel to that, has created and develops WakeUp and StartUp – a podcast for entrepreneurship and business, where he introduces us on a weekly basis to successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs who tell us about the passion, failures and the thorny way to making their most cherished dreams come true.

Boryana Krasteva


Boryana Krasteva studied for an animation director at NATFIZ, and later got a Master degree in Artistic Psychosocial Practices from the New Bulgarian University.

Lilyana Minkova


Lilyana is a Bachelor in Animation from NATFIZ. In 2011 Lilyana created a 4-minute animation that was drawn using Indian ink on white paper, and it was presented at different international festivals, including a festival on eco-topics in Innsbruck where she won a prize.

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