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Who are we?


is a company that offers digital products and offline trainings for children and teenagers ages between 7 and 19 in the sphere of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and the development of personal skills, based on the methods of gamification.

How does it work?

Our teachers are specialists from a variety of different fields and age groups. The team has proven their ability for working with children. Our teachers can be categorized into 5 different types:


Professionals with years of experience, who are working hard to make meaningful changes in Bulgarian education system, offering innovative and interactive teaching methods.


Young and energetic people, experienced in gamification methods, who completely understand the specific needs of children.


Innovative and entrepreneurial people, who believe in our way of teaching and are actively working to make a positive change in the world.

Business consultants

Specialists who offer children interesting stories from a specific field and round up the needed skills and qualities, that are needed for success, in that field.


Our team involves you - the parents – as well, with the goal of a 360-degree feedback, helping children improve their skills and values with your personal example.

What do we believe in?

What connects our teachers is their love towards children and their strong belief, that if a person works from his heart, there is no child that won’t be touched and motivated to study and to reach their full potential.

For our staff teaching is a calling!

We build lasting relationships between children, their parents, and our teachers. The team believes that the students must be in the center of the learning process. Our courses develop the talents of every child by immersing them in different games.

What do we achieve

We work with a psychologist

Our program is tailored towards each child’s individual needs. In some of the lessons a psychologist works with the teacher, monitoring the team work of the children during the different games. That way he gives direct guidance to the trainers on building an individual approach according to the different needs of children. The psychologist also actively participated when a child has a problem with his participation in the educational process. This also applies to children with a so-called "difficult behavior".

Our courses build specific personal skills

Our courses build specific personal skills The courses are interesting, fun and infinitely helpful for the children. They help the students develop important skills, needed for their future, skills such as – team problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, making important decisions, effective communication and much more.

Career orientation

We strongly believe that every child has his own talents and strong sides. Our courses guarantee successful personal and professional growth. We introduce career orientation from an early age, so that children can get to know different career paths and be able to make a motivated choice later on.

What do the children say

Our courses are exceptionally fun!

Our entire program is based on different games and gamified methods. The students genuinely have fun while acquiring in-depth knowledge on a variety of subjects.

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